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Got this one from Suzanne: Brett came to this year's SMB aiming for 20 times to the top. He left his backpack at registration and came back to it each trip. This kept the volunteers updated on his progress all day. Then they told others what he was doing. With everyone cheering him along, Brett did 17 times to the top (nearly 34 miles with over 8,000 feet vertical up and down). We're guessing the strong winds got the best of him and he didn't reach his goal. But he turned in the highest SMB total ever and inspired many to do more than they had planned! Part of the SMB magic we all love! Btw, the most times ever to the top in one day might be 18. Something tells me Brett might beat that next year!

​Cool slideshow at bottom of page: "Flying Over Pilot Butte"

The dogs really earned their buffs this year! Thanks to Terry Cubero for making the nice dog buffs!

​Ten people went to the top more than 10 times. We had some do that last year, but these are different people. Amazing!




Update: More prizes added--Five free pizzas from Domino's

CLICK HERE to find out what you can do today that will help Pilot Butte in a big way!  "The Big Contest" has expanded to include more prizes AND you can enter even if you didn't participate in SMB 2014.  Just a few days left. All entries must be sent to us by the end of the day on May 31st.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

​Besides to the $300 gift card, you could win:

  • $25 gift card for Natural Grocers
  • $30 gift certificate for Face To Face Day Spa
  • $50 gift card for Shoe Inn
  • One of two $25 Gift Cards for Worthy Brewing
  • One of two Free Entree's at Red Robin
  • One of two free "Buffets for Two" at Izzy's
  • Signature facial w/ microderm at Boom Boom Beauty Room
  • $30 Gift Card for Deschutes Dog Salon
  • One of three $30 Gift Certificates for Kayo's Steaks and Seafood
  • One of two $10 gift certificates for Wabi Sabi
  • One of four $10 Gift Certificates for FootZone
  • One of five medium two topping pizzas from Dominos Pizza

​That's 25 prizes worth over $700.  Your chances of winning are outstanding and all you do is go out and thank some of the business that donated money to Pilot Butte. Thank them in person. Then thank the again online through their website or social media pages if you like. Let them know how much we appreciate them!  Then send in your entry form by May 31st.  We'll announce the winners as soon as we receive all the entries.

Contest Winners Announced Here

  • ROCK THE BUTTE: These 14 individuals helped us spread the word about SMB. The all did a great job which helped us get so many participants on a day when the weather wasn't so great. The winner is Marryanne H. who should probably buy a lottery ticket because she also had as winning ticket in the Lucky Number Contest
  • LUCKY NUMBER: We still have two more winners to draw in this contest sponsored by Strictly Organic Coffee.​  Three people have one so far. Hang on to your numbers and we'll draw  again soon.
  • NO RAFFLE RAFFLE: These contests were really popular at SMB 2014.  We've drawn all the winning tickets and most of the winners have been announced.
  • THE BIG CONTEST: Your chance to win a $300 gift card  or one of many other prizes. See above for more info. This is the biggest and most important contest because it involves people thanking the businesses that have been so generous in helping Pilot Butte. Please participate in it because it makes a huge difference both this year and next year. In fact, we're seeing benefit already. Some businesses have actually increased their donation for this year largely because of the people going in and thanking them This contest ends May 31, 2104. But it definitely won't hurt if people thank these businesses all year long.

Flying Over Pilot Butte

Patty Lamont took me up in her plane on Tuesday (5/13) to get these aerial shots of Pilot Butte.



I've gone through everything four more times and found Event Forms for six more participants. So the numbers went up just a bit. This is the final tally.  All the math has been verified. Most important, these number agree with Bob Baggett's experience on top. He was there nearly 12 hours and says this is about what he expected to see. Great job everyone! Last year was impressive; this year is incredible!

  2. PERCENT PEOPLE/DOGS: Roughly 79%/21%
  3. TOTAL MILES: 2,298 (Bend to Detroit, MI)
  4. TIMES TO TOP: 1,110 (532,800 vertical feet or roughly 100 miles straight up!)
  5. PERSONAL BESTS: 374 (71%)
  6. DOG BONUS RAISED: $934*

* Dogs raise double because they have four legs ("dog bonus").

NEW: Some of the individual results are in the tables below. I'll find the numbers from last year so you can see the huge difference. There's a lot more high numbers this year reflecting the fact that people were going all out to do their personal bests. Remember, this all happened when the weather wasn't so great. Cold/rainy in the morning; very windy in the afternoon. But it didn't matter because there were a lot of tough people & dogs on the Butte. Btw, the dog data is extremely impressive. I didn't even know totals like that were possible. Certainly way better than last year!


That's a big YES! How much money? Can you believe it? The donations are still coming in. Carol got $250 in additional donations from two businesses and one individual in the past two days!  We think we'll top $6,000 this year--nearly double last year's total! Stay tuned ... the final total is coming.

Contests!  Raffles!!  More Contests!

This year's contests were bigger and more popular then ever thanks to our many generous Event Sponsors.  The highlight is THE BIG CONTEST that runs to the end of May. You can help Pilot Butte even more while possibly winning a $300 gift card to a popular big box store or market (we're still in negotiations).  There are many other prizes and chances of winning are pretty high. Everyone who loves Pilot Butte is eligible. Just go out and thank some of our many sponsors, send in your completed form by May 31st, and you may be a winner.  Find out more by CLICKING HERE.  If you didn't get your sponsor sheet, contact us by email at  We'll hook you up. There is also an online entry form.  Besides participating in SMB, this is the most important thing you can do to help Pilot Butte.

MORE CONTESTS:  There are a bunch of contests still happening.  We soon be drawing two more lucky number contest winners--so hold onto those tickets!  The "Rock The Butte" contest winner announce. Most of the "No Raffle Raffle" are also announced. The No Raffle Raffle was extremely popular probably because we had some terrific prizes donated from sponsors. When you combine all of this together, there is a good chance you'll win something.  CONTEST RESULTS ARE NOW HAPPENING BELOW!



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The first book ever published about Pilot Butte debuted at SMB 2014. Author Linda Orcelletto was on hand to sign copies and book sales were brisk. This edition is an introduction to the final version to be sold at SMB 2015. Everyone loved this book. Get you're copy today! Just $7.50 plus shipping.

Final results are now in. Please see below.

A full analysis of the results is in the works. New information is posted daily.  


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 This Page Will Be Updated Daily.          Final Results Now In!     

Last year our 30+ volunteers "saved the day."  This year our 60+ volunteers made the day. Both years were great thanks to the participants who hiked and ran to raise money to improve the fitness aspects of the Butte. That Pilot Butte spirit we celebrate each year was in full force once again. Even the crazy weather didn't stop it. The parking lot was packed most of the day, the trails were busy, and everyone had a wonderful time. We'll do it all again in 2015!  

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